Sunday, January 22, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 2 - French Tip Mani

no flash, sunlight from window
 The last time I did a French Tip Mani was for job observation/follow up interview. I went with the "pink and white" look and used tape to achieve my straight lines. For this challenge, I opted to go without the tape and just use a paintbrush (seen in the last picture). Considering that, I don't think this French Tip turned out that bad.
open window & computer screen glare

no flash, open window

no flash, ceiling light and open window

 The little bottle of pink polish was from the Dollar Tree in a set of 3 designed for French Manicures. It's on the thick side and brush strokes can be seen.

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  1. So pretty. Can't wait to see more! I just posted my week 3. .yay!

  2. I checked out your post! I really liked it.


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