Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CYNA: 12 days - Glitter

Hey everyone! As much as I love glitter, I wasn't too inspired by today's prompt of "Glitter". I used China Glaze Winter Holly and then Mickey heads that were ordered from ellagee. At first I intended for the red Mickey heads to stand in as holly berries; then I decided to stick gold Mickey heads on the other finger. I don't even know why. My pinky finger is a glitter explosion with China Glaze Pizzaz layered over Winter Holly.

Monday, December 15, 2014

CYNA: 12 days - Christmas decorations

Happy Monday Folks! I'm excited for this week because next week is my Christmas break. I haven't had a Christmas break off from work(school) since I was in high school. That's over 10 years ago!! So I just have to make it through this week and then I can relax and paint my nails.

So today's theme for 12 days challenge was to do Christmas decorations. I love Christmas decorations and if I had my choice, I'd have Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE in our home. So for today's prompt I made like Christmas exploded all over my nails.

My polishes are the same ones I've been using for the last two prompts as well as acrylic paint.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

CYNA: 12 days - red and green

Hey everyone! today's the 7th day of the 12 days nail art challenge and today's prompt is red and green.I wanted to do a design that was a little different than what I usually do so I tried to do Christmas plaid. I started with China Glaze Red Satin and then used acrylic paint to make my plaid stripes. On my ring finger I used Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and then layered Sally Hansen Green Rocket and Rosy Shooter.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

CYNA: 12 days - 2 turtle doves

Today's theme I knew was going to be the most challenging but I didn't avoid it on purpose. I did the wrong prompt and that only caused me panic because I was wondering almost all day about which line I should do from the 12 days of Christmas song. I chose to do "Two turtle doves..." because I thought it would be easy because I had a plate with what looked like a dove. However once I stamped it, the image didn't transfer so there was a whole fiasco there. I won't get into that now because I must get to bed. I used Sally Hansen CSM Jaded, and everything else was done with acrylic paint. I did use a stamping plate but I had to fill the image in with acrylic paint so it resembled a bird.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CYNA: 12 days - ice blue and white

Hey everyone! I'm excited about today's post because I get a chance to use a new polish that just arrived in the mail from my "Black Friday shopping". I made my first Sealore order and one of the polishes I ordered fits today's prompt perfectly.

The prompt is ice blue and white colors. Today I'm wearing Bruce-ally Honest which is described as "off white crelly with ice blue shimmer, sky blue hex and white shards throughout." I layered 2 coats over a white polish. On my ring finger is my attempt at icicles or something of that aspect. I was more focused on the polish than the art this time around.

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