Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Collective Haulage

The last time I posted about any monthly collective haul was in January . I intended to do it monthly but haven't did so. It may not interest everyone but it helps me keep track of how crazy my spending is.

Now for this month, this isn't that organized as I just thought about doing this post at 5:30am before I went to bed. The polishes above is the majority of what I bought because I was on "less-buy" for the month of May since I went to Florida. Note to self: start project "less-buy" earlier. Although there were more polishes, I cannot tell them apart in my collection because they were Sinfuls and the receipt just says Sinful.

I do save all (well most) of my receipts from any beauty purchase. That includes makeup, shampoo and of course nail polish. In future months I will keep record of what I buy in then try to compile it into one post at the end of the month.

 In the month of May I purchased:
4 China Glaze polishes - 3 of which are for my Twinsies who have birthdays in June. They have not all received their polish so I do not want to ruin the surprise here. The one for me was Good Witch?
Nubar Brilliant
2 Sinful Colors -
Sally Hansen Resolution (on sale)
Sally Hansen LCD (on sale)
1 polish for another Twinsie but I don't want to give any hints
Sally Hansen Coral Reef
My boyfriend got me 2 SH Gems
ELF brush
Organix 2oz bottle of conditioner
Tressemme Shampoo and Conditioner
Suave Conditioner (I use a lot of conditioner ;)
Epsom Salt
OPI The Amazing Spiderman Collection (mini)
Sally Hansen Glass Slipper (for Anna - she already knows about it)

I'm pretty sure that's all I bought or received. Next time the post will be better organized. I hope


  1. Nice picks for the month! You're much more organized with keeping track of your haulage than I am...although I think I mostly choose to live in ignorance rather than face how much money I spend on polish haha.

  2. Good stuff!!

  3. I always, always, always forget to take pictures and post my hauls O.O


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