Friday, February 3, 2012

January Collective Haul and Spending

Hey everyone! So at the beginning of January, I decided that I would actually save all receipts of my beauty purchases to keep track of how much I was actually spending. For the most part, I did an okay job of keeping my receipts. Surprisingly, I mostly bought nail polish.

I recorded a video to go along with this post and I second guessed myself about actually stating how much I spent in the video. In the video, I only said how much I saved. However, for this post I will tell how much I spent and saved.

To get the total amount I saved, I calculated the actual saved amount from sales or clearance items on my receipts and then added amount "spent" with gift cards and CVS rewards. (With all receipts that were saved) The total I got was $75.68! In total, out of pocket the amount I spent was $124.39. I think the best deals I got were the Milani clearance items (everything was 75% off) and the Zoya promotion.

This is something I want to continue doing (if I can, budget wise). I plan to be more organized throughout the month by snapping a pic as I go AND saving the receipt. So since I wasn't completely organized this month, here's a few random pictures of what I purchased this month. Some items I have already posted about. If there is anything you want to see swatches of or hear/read more about, just let me know.

Collective photo of everything bought

All items in this post were purchased by me or by my boyfriend. I have not been sponsored by any company.

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