Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 week challenge - week 6 - half-moon mani/super bowl nails

 This week's challenge was the half-moon mani. This was one I wanted to try for a long time but didn't have any type of circle stickers laying around the house. I thought about free-handing the half-moon but I wanted it "perfect". So yesterday I had some errands to run and figured while I was out I'd pick up some paper reinforcements or circle stickers. Tell me why when I went to Dollar Tree they didn't have ANY type of circle stickers...and to make matters even worse, when I got back to my car...the battery had died!!! While I waited for Loro to come rescue me, I ran over to CVS and found the paper reinforcements. Anyways...on to this week's pictures!

 I wasn't too happy with how my half-moon looked, I guess my fingers are oddly shaped so there wasn't a perfect half-moon, the edges were rough which is why I covered them with a silver glitter polish. I chose these colors to show my Super Bowl "spirit". I'm rooting for the PATS!
Check out some of the other half-moon manis for this week's challenge!


  1. Hey Girl!!!
    You have to add me to your list, I just started doing this challenge too & my first mani was the half-moon. Mine came out so horrible lol, I never tried this one either. I used the reinforcement stickers but for some reason they wouldn't stick well enough to my nails. So it was just a hot mess! but I showed them anyway bc I really want to stick to this challenge. Your nails, came out great!!! My half- moon looks nothing like yours. I love the Superbowl twist you added too. Very creative! I cant wait to do a Valentines Day Mani for this week.


  2.  I added your link to this week's challenge (corset mani). It will be on future challenge posts from now on. This challenge is fun because normally I just paint my nails. Now I'm branching out and trying "nail art".

  3. Thanks!!!! Im doing my corset mani right now. I totally agree with you, this challenge makes you try different sort of nail art/designs you might not usually try. Plus I like how it's once a week and not everyday. I can't imagine putting all that work into my nails everyday then doing them over lol


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