Friday, June 8, 2012

52 Week Challenge - week 23 - ombre Mani

 I meant to have this prepared so I could have it posted this past Sunday. But since I'm a procrastinator and didn't plan ahead properly it wasn't ready. However here it is now. I asked my boyfriend black or green and he said green. I mixed WnW Black Creme with China Glaze Holly-Day for my index finger. My middle finger is Holly-Day by itself. On my ring finger is Holly-Day mixed with WnW French White Creme and my pinky is OPI Stranger Tides. When the twinsies did their ombres, I asked a few of the ladies what they used to apply mixed colors. I took their advice and used a spare paint brush. It applied rather nicely.

This challenge was created by I'm Simply Complex and I found out about it from I'm Still Thinking.


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