Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Perplex and Naughty

Today I will be sharing a polish that lost it's "spark" for most because everyone pretty much has already covered it. That polish is Perplex/Naughty. When Perplex first came out I hunted every store in my area to locate it and was completely devastated when I could not find it. I thought it would never grace my fingertips. I gave up on it but then lo and behold, Revlon re-released it under a new name, Naughty. Imagine my excitement when I saw it on display in Walgreens.

So I was finally the proud owner of Naughty. Then I saw Perplex in Big Lots, I was crunchy. I left it there because why would I possibly need to have both Naughty and Perplex. Yet it kept eating at me...and I finally broke down and went to get Perplex "for the blog"to see if they really are one in the same...

AND they are. On my pinky and 1/2 ring finger is Naughty, the other 1/2 of ring finger and my middle finger is Perplex. Then on my pointer I decided to compare Color Club Rad Nomad (It's close but doesn't have the shimmer like Perplex) So unless you are  crazy like me, you do not have to get both Perplex and Naughty.

Below is Naughty with a Finger Paints Flakie over, I believe this was Asylum.

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  1. Revlon just started renaming some of their best sellers/limited editions and remarketing them.  I don't know why.  But now you have two dupe of Chanel Paradoxical!


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