Sunday, January 8, 2012

Franken: Jellies

SH Double Duty Base Coat and 3 thin layers of franken jellies
 Apparently I've developed a thing for jelly polish. Reason being, they are awesome for "sandwiching" glitters. To my surprise, I do not have many jellies in my collection. The best solution was to create my own. In the above picture are my swatches of the franken jellies before adding coats of glitter.

The above picture is midway through layering.

The formula for this "sandwich"
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base coat
3 thin layers of franken jelly
1 layer of NYC Starry Silver Glitter
1 layer of jelly
repeat once
apply glitter just to tips (like a gradient effect)
thick coat of jelly
Out the Door - Northern Lights Hologram top coat "silver" (not shaken)

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