Friday, January 20, 2012

fizzled interview NOTD and EOTD

This past Wednesday I was supposed to have an interview. I was super stressed about it because I'm not trying to just get any old retail job but a job in my career field, early childhood education. The night before I started having anxiety about the whole thing and that morning was awful. To make matters worse, when I went to leave for the interview our vehicle would not start. So the interview was a fail and I didn't even get a chance to go. Not wanting my boring interview NOTD and EOTD go to waste, I decided to post pics.
On my nails I wore NYC Bryant Park. This color is a nice neutral color for an interview. When I choose colors appropriate for interview, I think would this fit into the "Disney Look". Since Disney was so picky and "professional" any nail color that might be allowed there, it would be appropriate for an interview.

Bryant Park is a bronzy beige color with slight shimmer. It applied a little streaky. If it wasn't shimmery this would be a good mannequin hands for me.

Brand: New York Color
Line: In a New York Color Minute
Color Name/Number: Bryant Park/214B
Number of Coats: 2
Top Coat: No
no flash, under desk lamp

On my eyes, I'm wearing the "all over lid" color from NYC Union Square palette. In my crease I used a dark brown from my Sedona Lace warm palette. I used the primer from the Union Square palette to prime my lids but I still had creasing. Let it be said these pictures were taken after my tears of frustration. On my lips, I'm wearing Revlon Lip butter in Creme brulee. The eyeliner I used was a ELF liquid eyeliner in brown, not digging it that much.

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