Friday, December 30, 2011

WnW Hush Hush vs Essie Marshmallow

(pardon my cuticles - this was taken in between manis)

Part of my Christmas present from Loro was nail polish and as many times as he told me "You always ask for nail polish, I don't know which ones you already have. (Meaning: Don't you have enough?)" he still got me some. I asked for Essie and pointed a few out to "MIL" just in case. When we opened presents he gave a small little package with 2 WnW Megalasts as my joke gift. (one was a double I already had so I gave it to "MIL") The other was Hush Hush. Then he gave me another box and that had my Essie polish in it, one of which was Marshmallow. Later on, I noticed they looked very similar so I did a comparison swatch.
2 coats each (flash)

2 coats each (no flash)

Do you own Hush Hush or Marshmallow?

*both of these items were gifted

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