Thursday, December 29, 2011

Semi Collective December Polish Haul

My friend Dollie sent me a Christmas package that had Ulta Minis. There are some great dupes in there that I'm happy to have. Individual swatches and comparisons coming soon.

CVS has (had) so many of their beauty products on clearance. I've loaded up on polish! Swatch posts on those will be coming soon.

I was lucky enough to spot the Revlon Perplex Re-Release, Naughty and of course I snatched that up. I haven't used it in a mani yet because I was focused on Christmas nails but that is coming soon.

Loro bought me Milani Gems as a "early Christmas" present.

I've got other new polishes too but those will come up soon. When I took this picture I thought I was done getting polish. LOL. Surprisingly for Christmas, Loro got me 3 Essie nail polish and then yesterday I got 6 more polish from CVS clearance (which I already swatched, post coming next). My "brother-in-law" and his wife got me a gift card to Sally's so soon I'll be going to scoop those up. December was a good month for my polish collection.

So basically this post is a preview what's to come as far as swatch pictures and and blogposts.

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