Monday, December 19, 2011


After seeing other nail bloggers create "new" polish known as frankens, I tried my hand at it (back in October). I've only used 2 for a Pink Wednesday and I was satisfied with how that turned out. Here's how those frankens looked when I first "created" them.

I dubbed this as "Sprinkles" it was a combo of EVERY glitter I owned at the time as well as Fantasy Makers Confetti. "Sprinkles" is definitely my favorite franken by far. I wish I would have started with a glitter base so my glitter doesn't sink to the bottom but it's still pretty to look at.

Neon Pink Glitter was China Glaze Shocking Pink that I added a bunch of glitter too. Just recently, I added some white to attempt to lighten the SHOCKING brightness, now it looks more like a Pepto pink so I now call it "Pepto Glitter".

"Dragon Scales" was my attempt to create a dupe of WnW Tangled Web. However, the glitter I used the color soaked off turning the clear polish into a charcoal jelly (and yes the glitter also sinks to the bottom of this one). I recently poured some off "Dragon Scales" to create a light grey franken which turned out rather nicely.
Another random shot of "Sprinkles"

Baby Pink Glitter started off as a very PALE pink that was just awful to use. I added some of the China Glaze Shocking Pink (before adding all that glitter) and a LA Colors Purple glitter. After snapping the picture, I think I added in some of the Fantasy Makers Confetti.

I really like "creating" my own mixtures. For me, it's best to buy polish from Dollar Tree or .99 cent polish and combine those. Have you created any Frankens?

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