Monday, July 18, 2011

Well I've been thinking...

about doing a 20 day makeup challenge that I saw here after reading vanewpc's tweet.

I'm pretty sure I want to do this challenge but I already know for sure that I won't post consecutively 20 days straight. Also let it be noted that I hardly ever wear a full face of makeup (which is why I usually steer clear of challenges like this). When I wear makeup I usually just do my eyes & lips. I stay away from face makeup because 1) I haven't been matched for my correct shade, 2) foundations I have tried in the past break me out and 3) I don't have much to coverup because my skin tone is pretty even and don't have many blemishes. Although if I do have to hide blemishes or dark circles I use a concealer. So with all that being said, when I post my response to the challenge, I probably won't be wearing face makeup.

Here's the challenge:

Day 1: Simple, Natural Look (you should look like you’re not even wearing makeup!)

Day 2: Edgy Look

Day 3: Any look with a bold lipstick

Day 4: Doll-like Look

Day 5: Makeup for Holidays

Day 6: Makeup that makes you look like an animal

Day 7: Makeup inspired by a famous celebrity

Day 8: Makeup that represents a culture other than your own

Day 9: Makeup inspired by a flower

Day 10: Makeup for a night out at the club

Day 11: Any look with glittery eye shadow

Day 12: Makeup inspired by a Disney princess

Day 13: Makeup that makes you look like the opposite sex

Day 14: Any look with lots (and I mean LOTS) of mascara

Day 15: Sexy Smokey Eye Look

Day 16: Makeup that shows off your eye color

Day 17: Edgy Eyeliner Look

Day 18: Makeup that shows off your bone structure

Day 19: Dinner Dance/Prom Makeup

Day 20: No Makeup At All (to remind yourself that you are beautiful, even without makeup)

I'll probably post tomorrow with my first response.

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