Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Soft and Feminine

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!! My apologies for my post being late. I finally got the camera I've been lusting after for years so I could leave my mother-in-law's Samsung Galaxy S4 alone. I don't know much about fancy cameras and all that but I just LOVED the camera on her phone. So I got the Galaxy camera for the great pictures and easy upload...unfortunately when I went to upload to blogger I was having some problems with it. And because I waited to the last minute to upload, I didn't find out about the problem til late at night when I had to go to bed. Anyhoo... on to today's post.

This week our theme is soft and feminine. My go-to color when I think feminine is a soft pink and sparkles. I chose to wear OPI Chic from Ears to Tail with China Glaze Make a Spectacle as an accent. Then I used a bright pink and BMH17 to stamp on some hearts.

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  1. This pink is very pretty and fits perfectly with the theme.

  2. This is just so feminine looking, I like it a lot!


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