Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday : Inspired by a book

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? I'm going to jump right into the theme because as soon as I hit schedule on this post, I'm going to go read a book. It just so happens that this week's theme is inspired by a book. I for one love to read, as a kid I'd rather read a book than go outside and play. (I also liked to play with dolls and color.) The only thing about my reading habit is I don't jump on the bandwagon right away. I didn't read my first Harry Potter book until 2009. Although, I did read Twilight while it was "in" but that was after the first movie came out. There's a ton of books I want to read that are "in" right now that I haven't got to read yet. I'm sure I'll hear about some good books from my other Twinsies too. Anyways...all that to say this. I just started read 50 shades of Grey last week. It's one of those ones you want to read it, but you don't really want everyone to know you're reading it. Or at least that's how I am. 

 So in true 50 shades fashion, I used several shades of grey to complete this week's design. I couldn't do too much since I have work tomorrow and I don't want some kids asking about the design on my nails. So I have a subtle chain like design on my index, several greys on my middle and pinky and a blinged out ring finger. Here's all the greys used for this week's design: Sinful Colors My Turn, Ardoise, China Glaze Immortal,  Pure Ice kiss me here, Sally Hansen Dorien Grey, OPI My signature is DC and Wet n Wild Diamond in the rough

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  1. The glitter nail is so pretty.

  2. I've never read that book, but I've heard a lot about it! 😮

  3. I knew someone would do this book! :) You're shades of grey mani looks great!

  4. i love the abstract chain on your index finger! or at least that's what it looks like to me!

  5. Very cool look, I especially like the textured accent.

  6. Nice nails inspired by that book! Its perfect for fall too.

  7. Awesome job! I love the chain nail :)

  8. We all know you're reading it now!!! Hehe Very pretty mani ChiChi!!!!

  9. Love the dots! I think you did a great job of representing the book while still keeping everything work-appropriate. ;)

  10. Never read the book but love the mani!


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