Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Fictional Animal

Hello everyone, welcome to a mythical edition of Twinsie Tuesday. Our theme today is a fictional animal, there isn't a shortage of fictional animals to choose from but I definitely wanted to do something easy. At first, I was just going to polish my nails white, add flakies and call it a unicorn but I'll save that for another day. I decided to go with the cutest dragon I've heard of, Toothless,  a night fury from How to Train Your Dragon.
Here is his face, what should be his scales and tail. Last but not least, fire because what would a dragon be without fire?

Here is a dim photo of Toothless himself.

  I'm looking forward to what the Twinsies come up with for their fictional animals. 

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  1. Way cute, Chichi!! Toothless is adorbs! And your fire nail is awesome!!

  2. Aww! These are so precious! That little face is just so cute--I totally want to see this movie now. You've really been doing some awesome nail art lately, ChiChi!

  3. Eeeeee!!! I love this!! :'D Toothless is so adorible!! XD

  4. I love that movie! This is so awesome!


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