Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ILNP SpectraFlair Holographic Top Coat (press release)

My Private Rainbow is ILNP's SpectraFlair top coat. Many of you know how hard SpectraFlair is to get and how beautiful it looks under the right lighting. Absolutely nothing compares!

My Private Rainbow comes in 3 different versions:

Linear - The linear version of My Private Rainbow uses a very fine SpectraFlair pigment. This fine particle size allows for a very smooth ("linear") holographic appearance on the nails.

Scattered - The scattered version of My Private Rainbow uses a larger sized SpectraFlair pigment. The larger particle size catches more light to deliver more of a popping and scattered holographic appearance.

Linear+Scattered - This version of My Private Rainbow uses a combination of both SpectraFlair pigments described above. The small and large particle sizes are an excellent combination for those that want it all! 

Be sure to scoop up a My Private Rainbow SpectraFlair top coat while they're still in stock!

Click here to visit the ILNP shop at

Keep an eye out for the much anticipated release of our holographic polishes. There will be 10 total -- available 4/20/2013!

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