Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Chromes - Steel the Spotlight

I have a new found likeness (not love, just like) for chrome polishes. I never thought I would say that but chrome polishes have won me over. I have Cordia from Srsly Swatched to thank for that. She found these gems on clearance and sent me 2. That was so sweet of her! Thank you so much Cordia!! Side note: Cordia is giving away a whole set of Wet n Wild Chrome polishes on her blog. Her giveaway will end August 15, be sure to check it out.

So she sent me Steel the Spotlight and Penny for your Thoughts. Today I am sharing Steel the Spotlight. Now when I saw this collection at my Walgreens I didn't give it a second look because the bottles were so tiny for $3.99 and I wasn't very fond of chrome or metallic finishes. It's usually a hit or miss with chromes and me. Well after wearing Steel the Spotlight, I'm willing to give chromes a chance. This gorgeous silver applied nicely and I didn't have brushstrokes. I spied tiny flecks of gold throughout, which I thought was stunning. I wore this without a top coat because I liked the finish and it did not chip. (Granted I only wear my polish for about a day or so.) I can't wait to try Penny for Your Thoughts.
 Brand: Wet n Wild
Collection: Chrome
Color Name/Number: Steel the Spotlight (33964)
Finish: chrome
Number of Coats: 2
Top Coat: no


  1. I really don't like chromes/metallics which is probably how I've been able to resist getting the Essie Mirror Metallics. I do think WNW charges way too much for these little bottles! I wonder if they are good for stamping?

  2. These polishes are so pretty! Definitely at bit pricy for such a small bottle but I think they're worth it =)

  3. I would like these for stamping def!

  4. I'll have to test them out and see if they are good for stamping.

  5. WnW prices all their special collections a bit pricy in my opinion. Sometimes it's worth, sometimes not.

  6. I'm really enjoying this neutral chrome on you. It's edgy without being in your face.

  7. This looks great on you, ChiChi! I'm glad you like them!!

  8. This looks flattering on you!


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