Sunday, August 5, 2012

52 week Challenge - week 32 - Needle Marble Mani

Needle Marble interesting concept but I wasn't sure if I could tackle it and be happy with the results. That's where this challenge comes in. I'm forced to do try it. I used this tutorial from Nail Art 101. I layered 10 Pink-a-boo and Sinful Colors Happy Ending over WnW Steel the Spotlight. While the polishes were still wet I took a toothpick (because I didn't have a needle handy) and dragged the colors back and forth. These all were first trial, it got better as I went along. I somewhat happy with these results so I think I'd tackle it again.


  1. This looks awesome! Love the pink and green color combo you used!

  2. Very cool! The colors go great together!

  3. What a fun color combo! And awesome job!

  4. Okay, first off you used my absolute favorite color combo! Second, this turned out amazing!


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