Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Skittle Manicure


Hello bonitas! Today I am back with another Twinsie Tuesday post, this week's theme is Skittles! I personally love skittle manicures because when I cannot decide what polish to wear, I choose to do skittles. Plus it's a surefire way to be sure I'm getting proper use out of my polish. ;)

For this skittle mani, I decided to go with neon colors because it's these are from the newest display and while the colors are not new releases they are new to me because I have not been interested in neons before. Now I know to grab them while I can, especially when Sinfuls are on sale for $.99 this week! I had a difficult time capturing the true color because they looked like plain colors on camera.

this was an attempt to capture the true color of the neons, sadly it turned out super blurry

Here's the colors I used for this manicure:
Thumb: Neon Melon (56)
Index: Summer Peach (53)
Middle: Pink (871)
Ring: Daredevil (1104)
Pinky: Dream On (113)
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Do you like wearing skittle manicures or do you think they are "childish"? I agree they are not always appropriate for some work environments but if you could would you wear a skittle manicure? 

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  1. I would wear this, LOOOOVE the brights!

  2. They are all pretty! I don't wear a lot of neons except on my toes!

  3. Your neon skittles make me want the candy!  Awesome!

  4. Yay neon!  Love it, so cheery and fun.  Glad I know how to comment now too :)

  5. So bright and fun! I'd totally wear them. One of the things I love about my nails is I can change them all the time, so I am always up for trying something new :)

  6. So bright and fun!!!

  7. Loving the neon!!! 

  8. I love all of these colors, they look great on you! I was trying to avoid buying more polish even though they are on sale at Walgreens, but I definitely need to swing by and pick up Neon Melon and Summer Peach.

  9.  I really should try to avoid buying nail polish too but I just can't resist a sale. Especially when it's colors like these that don't come around often.

  10.  thanks Nory! It is very bright, I should've drew shades on them or something. lol

  11.  Thanks Tara! I love changing my nails which is good because I have plenty of options.

  12.  lol and now I want some too. :)

  13.  I've only worn a neon pink on my toes, so that bright yellow will be interesting when I look down.


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