Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NOTD: OPI In the Spot-Light Pink (and Chatter)

So after that bright skittle mani was posted yesterday. I decided to only wear 1 bright color at a time. I let Toro pick out a color of the 5 that was used in that mani, and he chose Summer Peach. So I painted my nails with that and woah was it bright! (sorry no picture) My boyfriend said I could direct planes with my nails.Well of course I needed something a little less in your face after all that brightness.

I chose OPI In the Spot-Light Pink from the Femme De Cirque softshades collection. I bought the mini set of 4 at TJ Maxx on Sunday for $7.99. (It's nice to expand my OPI collection, even if they are just minis.) Although it doesn't look like it, I used 2 coats of ItSLP. I would have piled on 2 more coats if I wasn't planning to head to bed soon. I then topped ItSLP with 1 coat of Essie As gold as it gets. It's not bam in your face but it's noticeable to me.

Now for some chatter because I feel like having some chitchat.

I'm sad to say but I have misplaced a beloved discontinued polish, Maybelline Blue Water. It was last used for my post on April 10. All that is left of Blue Water is the gold cap that was over the black cap (which shocked me to be honest). I've looked everywhere. I'm thinking it got knocked off my desk right into my trash can (GASP!). I hope it turns up.

In other news, I have several pictures ready to be watermarked and resized so I can upload them. I need to get those up before they start to pile up. One set of pictures is for the Spring Challenge I decided to participate in. I think I may need to start scheduling posts just in case I can't get to the computer.

Speaking of challenges, there are a few others that I am interested in doing soon. One of which being the Black & White challenge in honor of my pup, Toro. We've had him for a month today! I also want to do Plasma Plays in 21 ways. Both of these, I will be going at my own pace. Of course, I'll continue to participate in 52 week challenge and Twinsie Tuesday. Those are so much fun!

One more thing, who is excited about OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection?? Even before seeing swatches from The PolishAholic, I knew I had to have them. I'm also looking forward to OPI The amazing Spiderman collection but only for 2 polishes, Just Spotted the Lizard and Number One Nemesis. What upcoming collections are you excited for?

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