Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Nude Polish

(this was last week's post, I don't know what happened that this reposted with the date of the 17th)
Hello lovely readers, I'm back with another edition of Twinsie Tuesday. This week's theme is nude polish. To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to this week's theme for the simple fact that nude makeup products never seem to work for me. I could've just used one of my neutral work appropriate colors but since that isn't my "nude" color, I opted to franken a nude polish.
 I combined an old brown polish with lighter nude colors, the end result was what is shown in the pictures.

Since I enjoy looking at nude polishes on other blogger's hands, I can't wait to see what the other ladies of Twinsie Tuesday have to share. Be sure to check them out too!

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  1. I love colors like this!  It goes well with your skin tone.

  2. Wow I'm loving this! You did a great job! It really compliments your skin.

  3. This polish looks awesome on you Darling!!

  4. I love that you frankened a nude! I've never seen that before!

  5. This really compliments your skin! Love it! 

  6. Looks lovely on you!

  7. Thanks! I was happy with the outcome.


  8. Thanks! I usually don't like colors like this but this time I was pleased.

  9. You did an awesome job of getting a wonderful match with your skin! Impressive that you were able to franken one so close and it looks lovely on you! :)

  10. This came out really good! It's really complimentary and pretty.
    Thanks for posting how to get to your comments....I always come and visit and could never find the link lol.


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