Thursday, March 8, 2012

New WnW Shadows

Well new for me Wet n Wild shadows. I was at CVS and saw that they had most of their Wet n Wild products 30% off. Now of course I wanted to go cray-cray and get everything but I just couldn't do that today. Main reason, my boyfriend gave me a limit. (Although if my taxes come in before this sale is over, best believe I will be back).

So I wanted to share what shadows I picked up today.

I dream of Greenie and Golddigger

On the left is WnW Golddigger, then all three shadows from WnW I dream of Greenie.
I chose this trio because of St. Patty's day coming up and the single because I wanted a new gold shadow.

So be sure to check out your CVS to see if they have WnW 30% off. I believe this sale ends on the 10th of March.


  1. I love I Dream Of Greenie! It is so pretty. Thank you for sharing your new goodies!

  2. It is very pretty. They are very pigmented which I love.


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