Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Wednesday - February 29 (Vintage Mani)

On Sunday I posted a "vintage" mani for the 52 week challenge. Little did I know there was an actual vintage mani. I went ahead and posted my vintage mani still because I liked it but felt that I cheated because I didn't do the actual vintage mani. So for today's Pink Wednesday I am wearing OPI Sparrow Me the Drama in a vintage manicure. Let me tell you, I do not like it. At all. I don't know if it was my technique (half moon & tape) or just the fact that it looks odd but it just does not look right to me.

Jenna posted a link to an article about vintage manicures. Apparently for a vintage manicure, "the nails are supposed to be in an almond shape and the reason why the moons & tips are left unpainted is because it allowed the manicure to last longer. Thank goodness for Helena Rubeinstein, who was the advocate for painting the entire nail. (Lena, 2010)"

Here's how my vintage manicure without the almond shape nail turned out. I edited a picture to give it a cleaner look and even still, I don't like it. This will be coming off immediately.
Click to enlarge both pictures.



  1. That's still very interesting! I had no idea they did that!

  2. I've also read that the entire nail was left unpainted out of modesty.  Apparently, it was too risque to polish the whole nail!

  3.  I didn't know about it being too risque. See we learn something new every day.

  4.  I didn't at first either. I'm glad that's not the norm anymore.


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