Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mermaid-like Nails

When I finish a manicure, I usually show Loro or his mom first. Last night, I showed my "mother-in-law" my current nails, she said "oh it kinda looks like a mermaid". If you follow me on twitter, you saw my sneak peek and spelling flub (sneak "peak" - lol, I guess I was thinking in rhymes). If not, first, let's take a look at my base color.

For my base color, I used China Glaze Shower Together. This color is a pretty cerulean blue. I applied it over white and a base coat to try to avoid smurf nails when I take it off. I think because the white I used was streaky, it made the application of ST seem streaky but it smooths out at the end. 
Brand: China Glaze
Line: Ecollection 2008 (source)
Color Name: Shower Together
Finish: Cream
Number of Coats: 2
Top Coat: no
Then this is where this manicure gets fun! Next I added Sinful Colors Green Ocean. (Another polish I picked up on Thursday when I wasn't supposed to be buying polish. I just couldn't pass this one up!) From what I can see, this polish is similar to Zoya Opal. I applied it over blue for now because I know, I'll be going crazy with the greens next month. On my accent nail, I used 2 coats of Spoiled Jewelry Heist over Green Ocean.

Oh! And guess what?! My nails are finally long enough to wrap my tips. I don't remember where I first heard of "wrapping tips" but All Lacquered Up has a great post explaining it. I wanted to try this for the longest time (well since the start of my active blogging) but my nails never stayed long enough and if I tried to wrap, I'd just end up painting my fingertips. Now my nails are of decent length...


  1. This is cute! Congrats on finally having "wrappable" tips!

  2.  Thanks! I hope they stay at a decent length for awhile before breaking.


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