Sunday, February 26, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 9 - Vintage Mani

Let me start off by saying that I did not follow the "rules" for this week's challenge. Even with the power of Google being at my fingertips, I did not think that there was an actual vintage manicure trend to follow. That being said, I present my "vintage" mani...

I seriously racked my brain all week trying to come up with an idea that was vintage that I could convey on my nails. So when I think vintage, I think something old, maybe could be found at a thrift store or something handed down. Somehow, the original Mickey Mouse Club came to mind and that's what I went with.

After doing a little bit of research, I found out that the original Mickey Mouse Club debuted on October 3, 1955. So 1955 is on my thumb and 3 Mickey heads are on my pinky. On my index finger, I wrote my name because the original mouseketeers had their names on the front of their shirts. On my middle finger, is an "inspired" Mickey Mouse Club logo. And on my ring finger, is the ever famous Mickey ears hat. The base color didn't turn out how I wanted but that's okay.

While this isn't the expected "vintage" mani, I really liked how it turned out. Maybe later this week I'll take a second shot at the actual vintage mani.

Check out some of the other bloggers for real vintage manis for this week's challenge!


  1. I was also surprised to find out there is actually a "vintage mani". I like yours. When I first saw the sepia picture I thought the mickey logo was a sheep, haha!

  2.  Thanks! I think I like it so much because it incorporates Disney.

  3.  Now that you mention it, it kinda does look like a sheep. LOL.


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