Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Revlon: Whimsical and Jordana: Pink Hearts

I was one happy girl today when I saw Revlon Whimsical in the display at Kmart but then I got sad because I was not there to do shopping for myself. Disappointed, I continued on to what I went for (a stuffer for Loro's present) holding Whimsical in my hand just in case I didn't find what I wanted. Then suddenly I remembered that I possibly had a balance left over on my rewards card. I rushed to the customer service desk and asked the associate. She made my day when she told me I had $10.66!! I rushed back to the men's department picked up the items I wanted for Loro and then quickly walked to the cosmetics aisle to pick up Jordana Pink Hearts. So although I shouldn't have been shopping or browsing for myself - I don't feel as bad because I didn't have to pay cash for any of my purchases! Thank you Kmart for your rewards program and $5 gift card award.

I first heard about Whimsical reading Nouveau Cheap I nearly screamed with excitement (but held it in since Loro was sleeping) when I saw that post. I was happy to read that Perplex had returned under a different name (which I surprisingly ended up getting the next day) but when I found the display with Naughty, Whimsical was not apart of it. Oh well, I wouldn't go crazy over it but I knew I wanted it because it's a great combo of my two favorite colors PINK and baby blue.

3 coats, no top coat or base coat

Isn't it just gorgeous? and it's a dupe for Deborah Lippmann "Glitter in the air" so that's a plus!

I went back for Jordana Pink Hearts because it was pink! and because I wanted to try the Jordana polish line. I only swatched it at this time, but it was a little goopey on the nail. Maybe it was the way I applied it?
3 coats, no top coat or base coat

Whimsical was $4.99 at Kmart (thank goodness I had my kmart reward points because G found it for $3.79 at Bed Bath & Beyond) and Pink Hearts was $1.99. In the future, I think I'll layer these two together over a light pink or SC Social Ladder.

Have you tried any of the Jordana polishes? Are you looking for Whimsical?

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