Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: 8ty8beauty

I've been meaning to do this post for a few weeks, my only excuse is I got preoccupied with so much other stuff that I put it off. Even though so much time has passed since I ordered from this company, I still think I should put this out there. Before ordering from this company, I was not able to find a review. So maybe if someone is wondering about ordering from 8ty8beauty, they'll have my review to go off of.

Back in October, I was anxiously searching for China Glaze Let it Snow collection online. (I was not patient enough to wait for it to pop up in stores around me. Plus, I didn't want to risk not getting anything like with the WNW On the Prowl collection.) One night I came across 8ty8beauty and was impressed that they had the whole collection available (as well as gift sets) for a decent price. Individually the single polish were $3.00 each.

I made my first and last order on October 21. The next day, I checked my bank account and realized 8ty8beauty charged my account twice causing me to overdraft. Apparently, they did a typo and input $41.11 instead of $41.00. Personally, I wouldn't have mind if they left it at $41.11. Although one of the charges was just a pending charge, it stayed on my account for almost a whole week. That was strike one - I know errors happen but they should be more careful when doing charges.

Strike two technically comes before strike one but I was aware of it before I ordered. The amount of shipping is not stated before checkout. I found out when I got my invoice the amount I paid for shipping was $11.00.

Strike 3 happened when I was waiting for my package to be delivered. I chose to have my order shipped by USPS. As always, I stayed on top of the tracking but something went wrong and my package couldn't be delivered to me. Why? I haven't the slightest clue - possibly it was mislabeled? Nonetheless, 8ty8beauty was helpful and resent my order by UPS.

All in all, it's probably just me being picky but I personally wouldn't order from 8ty8beauty anymore. I'm sure there are other online retailers that have nail polish for a lower price. If you know of any, please let me know.

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