Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Spa Nail Polish

I purchased these at Walgreens on impulse in November. (My excuse was a needed change or wanted to get cash without going to the ATM.) I paid $4.99 and they came in a pail and with 5 lip butters (those are pretty decent). I was enticed by the holo glitter in the purple and the silver micro glitter. Once I got home, (as always) I searched for more information about these before swatching. Sadly, I could not find anything. After swatching (no pictures at this time), I discovered that these are possibly better for layering and most likely intended for use by children, although on the package it said not intended for use by children or something of that sort. I swatched (without base coat or a top coat), let them dry and went about my day. Later on I washed dishes and the polish washed right off! I put them in my box and let them sit. On my last mani, out of curiosity I swatched the silver micro glitter over my thumb and index finger (again no pictures at this time) then topped it with 3 coats of a clear polish and thankfully the glitter didn't budge that time. Soon I will do a full mani with base coat and top coat and see how long it lasts.

The polish are unnamed, but the descriptions are as follows: 
clear base with silver micro glitters and tinted purple jelly base with micro holo glitters
magenta/hot pink jelly and lilac/pink
iridescent pearl

After my full mani, I'll post another review and if I still don't like them I will pass them on to Loro's 9 year old niece.

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