Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WnW Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow: Baking a Cake

Hey bonitas, I'm sure by now just about everyone has heard of Wet n Wild's 2011 Limited Edition baked eyeshadow holiday palettes. If not, you must not be reading Nouveau Cheap and all the other beauty blogs out there. I miraculously spotted the display at my Walgreens (a miracle because I had the WORST luck hunting down WnW LE On The Prowl nail polish collection and I had gave up all hope one ever finding LE items in my stores. Yes, I took it that serious.) I snatched up this palette and I HEART Matte.
I chose this palette because of the pinks and I am glad I did because it has some pretty neutrals in there as well.
  I'm not accustomed to doing eyeshadow swatches, so please bare with me. In these pictures, they were swatched dry over ELF primer. The two marble colors came out so gorgeous! All colors have pretty good color payoff and I've seen swatches of them wet and they look excellent.

They are only available at Walgreens and normally priced at $4.99 but if you're lucky you can catch them in the BOGO50% and my store has a coupon book, with a $1 off any WnW product priced over $2.99. IF you're interested in this palette or the others, hurry to your Walgreens since it is limited edition.

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