Sunday, October 2, 2011

Collective Haul for month of September

Woo! As you can see September was a good nail polish shopping month for me. Everything was purchased by my boyfriend (thanks boo!) or myself.

In a previous post I mentioned that Walgreens was having a .99 promo on all originally priced $1.99 products. I definitely took advantage of this promotion. The only product I got that was not nail polish was Wet N Wild Brulee eyeshadow. The polishes I got were (in no particular order): Undercover, Bite the Bullet, Private Viewing, Haze of Love, Disturbia, Caught Red Handed, FuchsiaRama and Teal of Fortune (not pictured above) and Blackmail.
One week of September Sinful Colors also had a .99 deal on their polish. From left to right: Nirvana, Secret Admirer (I had this color before, but left it at my dad's house in Florida and my sister wanted it for herself.) Envy, Dancing Nails, and Let me Go.
From Walmart I picked up Pure Ice Oh baby, NYC Plaza Plumberry and NYC Charming Rose Creme. And the one I was most excited about was from Target, I got Revlon Facets of Fuchsia.

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