Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well I'm doing a 30 day challenge on my personal blog but one of the challenges that doesn't come up for a few more weeks is "what I would find in your bag". Since I just posted an old video of "What's in my purse" I figured I'd do an updated WIMP blogpost. Be warned that my bag isn't that interesting because I'm mostly stuck at home these days. Anyways, I just have a simple over the shoulder (cross-body) black purse the I got from the segunda.

What's in my purse?
- girl stuff
- paper towels
- gum
- my boyfriend's keys (not shown in picture)
- 30 cents in lose change
- a paper clip
- a receipt
- some pens
- emergency phone (I miss having my old phone that I can text with)
- 2 Wet n Wild lip gloss
- makeup palette
- lotion
- lip smacker
- hand sanitizer
- snickers
- wallet
- old bus passes
- bus map
- mini pink notebook

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