Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing out on 2 good deals :(

Well due to my current financial situation, it looks like I have to pass up on 2 good deals that I was really excited about (obviously one of them is MUCH better than the other).

The Zoya promo :
(screenshot from zoya blog)

This one is the one I'm most sad about. It's like buy 1 get 2 free. It's a really awesome deal. I hope another one comes around like this. If I were able to participate in this promo, I'd pick Tao, Ivanka (2 great fall colors, which I don't have many fall colors in my collection) and Kiki.

At Walgreens, there is a coupon for Sinful Colors 3 for $4 good until 8/13/11. Even though Sinful Colors are normally $1.99 it still bums me out that I'm missing out on a bargain.

Are you taking advantage of any of these great deals? What are you planning to get?

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