Saturday, June 18, 2011

nails of the week

well until i get bored with them. I'm not sure how much I like this combo.
I started off with Petites Island Smoothie and Sally Hansen Rose Wine as my accent color but Island Smoothie looked more white than pink on the nail. Then I applied Sinful Colors Bianca over Island Smoothie. Once that was dry, I applied Island Smoothie over Bianca, giving me a result of how it appears in the bottle. The accent nail no longer applies because it blends in with the other nails, so that was an accent fail. It's supposed to be the ring finger. Overall it's a nice pinky combo. However, I probably wouldn't use Island Smoothie on its own.

Have you used Petites Island Smoothie? How do you make it work for you?


  1. Island Smoothie is my most favorite nail polish. Its on my toes right now, and it was on my fingers. My kitten knocked it off the desk, and it broke and spilled all over the place, and I was like D': 

    I'll just buy it again. But it is my favorite nail polish at the time. <3 And I love it on its own.

  2.  Aww I'm sorry your bottle broke :( It looked so pretty in the bottle. I wish I loved it on its on.


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