Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 16

Day 16 – someone who inspires you… I’m inspired by an assortment of people:

The Shaytards – for being an awesome family and putting their lives online for everyone to view and staying true to themselves.

Yuilya – for revamping her once forgotten blog which in turn inspired me to make use of my blog (plus she’s a sweet friend who is always there for me).

Meadow – for starting to post videos on YT about her road to weightloss.

Tammi – for focusing on what’s good for her and her family and being an amazing mama.

Lia – a mother of 2 little girls and twin baby boys…she truly is an inspiration.

Taylor, Elise and Ashleigh - other amazing inspiring mommies who all are awesome in their own individual way.

Nat Neagle – for her weight loss accomplishments and for following her dreams of becoming a published author.

Bonnie - for her amazing fashion sense and honesty

Mrs. Pinky Ivory for not letting anyone get her down and having a unique style.

MeMom, Jill and Anita for being teachers and taking multiple Disney trips a year.

(Did not include pictures of the inspiring people because I want to respect their privacy. Will edit later to include links to their youtube, twitter or blog.)

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