Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 day challenge day 23 - day 30

Day 23 – a picture of your favorite book (April 18) Choosing a favorite book is hard because I like to read and it’s hard to pick just one book. I would have to say my favorite book is one that I have read over and over. Although I do enjoy reading the Twilight Saga, I will not say that is my favorite book (it’s my favorite series, that and Pretty Little Liars). My favorite book is My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. (photo credit – google images)

Day 24 – a picture of something you wish you could change (April 19) Oh there are so many things I wish I could change but that would end up being a completely different post that would cause me to start rambling. So something that I wish I could change (and have the ability to control and change) is my weight.

Day 25 – a picture of your day (April 20) My days are rather boring right now (this would cause me to start rambling too because it’s something I want to change) but basically picture me on an island, in the middle of nowhere, sitting inside on my computer doing something on the internet. The plus side of being on an island in the middle of nowhere is being with my boyfriend. Definite plus. (photo credit – zonu.com)

Day 26 – a picture of something that means a lot to you (April 21) My laptop means a lot to me because my boyfriend and I purchased it together (at one point it was “our” laptop) and it’s how I “go” to school and my connection with the outside world. (photo credit – zdnet.com)

Day 27 – a picture of you and a family member (April 22) My sister and I before we left for a football game at her school.

Day 28 – a picture of something you’re afraid of (April 23) (photo credit – google images)

Day 29 – a picture of something that can always make you smile (April 24) I definitely need to smile after looking at those pictures above *shudders*. Happy babies at Disney would be a win-win but I couldn't find any pictures of that. (photo credit: google images, for Shaytards picture http://mttkn14.deviantart.com/art/Shaytards-189410346)

Day 30 – a picture of someone you miss (April 25) There isn’t a specific person I miss but I do miss having a girl friend who I can do all that “girly” stuff that I can’t do with my boyfriend.

I realize I failed at posting consecutively for 30 days, nor did I "follow" the rules but I did manage to finish the challenge in my own way.

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