Friday, May 28, 2010

Never Have I Ever (Beauty Related)

Yesterday I made a video for the tag that's going around "Never Have I Ever". I wasn't officially tagged to do the video but it looked fun and I didn't want to wait and never be tagged for it so I did it on my own. I think you're only supposed to say 5 beauty things you never done, but I could think of so much more so I decided to do a blogpost about it. The first 5 is what I said in the video and the rest is what I forgot to say or wish I said...Lol So here goes...

Never Have I Ever...

1. Spray-tanned or fake baked. I'm naturally tan so I don't need to do it.
2. Been to a spa for a day of relaxation or facials. (would like to one day)
3. Got a bikini wax or eyebrow wax
4. Wore false lashes (possibly one day)
5. Had a fish pedicure (let fish eat the dead skin cells off your feet) - NEVER will I do this!
6. Purchased anything from Sephora (possibly one day)
7. been a member of a gym
8. Purchased anything from Nars, Chanel or Clinique
9. Owned anything from: Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, Juicy Couture, Dooney & Burke, Gucci, Prada, and Versace. (hopefully one day I'll own at least one)
10. been to Tiffany's
11. found my perfect nude lip
12. been professionally matched for my foundation color
13. worn extensions or clip-ins. Although i did wear a headband/wig once, but i didn't leave the house
14. had my makeup professionally done
15. been to a Mac or Lush event
16. had my teeth whitened
17. won a shopping spree
18. shopped a forever 21! (shocking huh?)

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