Thursday, July 9, 2009

Project "Less-Buy"

So i watched Yuli's latest video Project "Less-Buy" and i decided to join in. Basically its like South Beach Diet for makeup. :) Check out her video for all the details.

I decided to jump on it because main reason being i'm unemployed and the lil money i do have i need to put towards responsible things. It wouldn't be fair to my boyfriend if i spent everything on makeup. And since he doesn't complain ( i shouldn't give him a reason to complain. So i decided to join Yuli on Project "Less-Buy" but my last splurge was a NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette for only $6.75. on which i heard about from MommaGee I only got the 1 palette. And thats it, im done. Unless my boyfriend treats me to some birthday makeup. But other than that I am now officially on Project "Less-Buy".

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