Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st MAC and Lush haul!!!! =)

Ok so I've been waiting for this day for a very long time. Since I 1st started watching videos on youtube. But I was upset because I didnot know where to find a MAC or Lush in this area. I kept complaining and complaining to my boyfriend "if we we're in Florida, i know where more than one MAC store is, and there is a Lush at such and such." But of course when I lived in Florida I wasn't apart of the makeup community on youtube so i saw no reason to shop in these stores, i was content with drugstore products. Because i once walked in MAC but didn't see the reason to spend that much on makeup (wasn't i and as far as Lush goes, i thought it was a bakery or something from all the sweet smells, i never went in just walked past.

Ok so anyways...back to the main story, after much research and talking to Teala and Ashley on blogtv i discovered there was a store somewhat in my area. (from here on out that mall will be called the Nice mall) Only problem was it was kind of far. New issues developed, how do we get there? My boyfriend and I have been living here for a little over a year now and we still get Will our car make it there? If you follow me on twitter you know we have our share of issues with that car. Will i have extra money to spend since im still unemployed? But all my pondering came to a hault the day before yesterday when my boyfriend and his brother made plans to go to the NICE mall. So i got all excited and text msg'd Nat and Teala that i was finally going to MAC but plans fell through because of our car...we ran over a nail and had to get our tire repaired, cause our safety and the car comes first. So i was all bummed and whatnot sulking around. I went to the mall closest to me and bought a cute dress for my bday for $7.38 at vanity. Went home and that was it.

Then yesterday, my boyfriend and his brother made plans once again to go to the Nice mall. I got halfway excited cause i didnt want to be let down again. But all my waiting paid off cause we finally made it to the Nice mall. I wanted to head straight for MAC and Lush but didnt want to seem to eager in front of my 'brother in law' So i stayed calm as we approached Macy's i started grinning and my boyfriend said "this is what she's been waiting for" We walked in Macy's and the MAC counter was to my right, i was in such awe. My boyfriend and his brother kept walking, i tugged my boyfriend's arm and said "there's the MAC counter" And then suddenly i felt all shy and timid and didnt want to do my '1st MAC purchase' in front of my 'brother in law' I shooed them away and told Manuel (my boyfriend) i would call him when i was done. (Later when we got home, Manuel told me that he wanted to be with me when i made my 1st purchase so he could see me all smiles, i told him, i'd probably be just as excited for my 2nd purchase) So i gazed at everything in awe. I knew exactly what i wanted my 1st purchase to be and that is sketch. I wanted to get everything that i've seen in videos, but in reality i could not do that. So i restrained myself and only got the one eyeshadow.

Then i made my way to Lush. I walked in and the sales associate asked if i've ever been to Lush before. I said "No". Then he asked if knew about Lush products and i smiled and said "only what i heard on youtube." (thanks He showed me some massage bars and i told him i know i want to get Honey I Washed the Kids. He said they had just got a new shipment in. He picked up this HUGE chunk of HIWTK and let me smell it. I said "yea, i definitely want that" When he went to cut it i picked out a Heavanilli Massage bar and went to the register pleased with my '1st Lush purchase'.

After my purchases, i shared my excitement with a few of my YT friends. I know my haul, was very small, (although this entry turned out to be rather long) but its all i can get at this time and it made me super excited. I made a haul video but i didnot go into detail about everything cause i was giddy and nervous while

I probably wont be able to do any shopping at MAC or Lush for awhile. Although my boyfriend asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i told him go back to the Nice mall. He said "now that you have sketch what other shadows could you need?" I told him "baby thats like me asking you now that you have Grand Theft Auto 4 what other games do you need?" Then he asked "why cant u just buy a MAC palette thats already filled like all the other gurus?" I told him "they built those palettes overtime and there's so much other stuff i could get at MAC too" He said "ok we'll see what happens" So im crossing my fingers. :-)

Now if u happened to read this whole entry. Thanks so much:-) I know it was very lengthy but i left so much out in the video and i wanted to put it down so i'll remember my 1st MAC/Lush experience. If you want to share your 1st MAC/Lush experience with me, leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear about it. Again thanks for reading bonitas.

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