Sunday, May 24, 2009

100 push ups + 200 sit ups + 200 squats = ???

A toned me. ( hopefully)

I was watching Bonnie's (sushirockstar) latest weightloss vlog she told us about these programs that one of her followers (Sarah) gave her a heads up on. Its 100 pushups , 200 situps and also 200 squats . I decided to check it out because i am out of shape. So i took the initial tests and wasn't too happy with my results. I was able to do 30 situps, 10 pushups and 30 squats :putting me in poor ranking for all but squats (where i was only

So after you take your inital test, there is a specific program you follow 3x's a week. Each week the amount you do gradually increases and by the end you should be able to do the full amount. Now i've only done the initial test so of course i haven't seen any results but both Bonnie and Sarah see results. I plan to update this blog each week with any results that i see. I remember when i was on my dance team we did plenty more situps and pushups than that. So I'm sure if i could do it then, i could do it now.

Thanks to Bonnie and Sarah for passing along the info.

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  1. You are welcome :)

    How are you going with the program?


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