Thursday, January 22, 2009

I cant wait any longer...

Okay so as I watch more and more videos on YT and i try some looks out on my own (using what i have available to me, cause right now i dont have enough money to get MAC...hour cuts arent fun) I've decided that I'm really gonna have to get some brushes cause my lil crappy brushes i have arent cutting it. I also want the costal scents 88 palette. But the brushes...those are a definite MUST. I wonder, could i get good brushes at Target or Wal-Mart? Just to start out? What brushes are a must to do eyeshadows?


  1. hi sweetie! Glad that you're joining the bandwagon of beauty/makeup junkie lol! I love love love my MAC brushes because they're really great, but if you can't afford them I would recommend going to Target and getting those Sonia Kusuk ( I think that's how you spell her last name lol ) brushes; they're inexpensive, but better than other inexpensive brands...hope this help =)

  2. I definitely agree with Irish on the Sonia Kashuk brushes if you're looking for something inexpensive! I started with SK brushes before moving up to a few MAC brushes. MAC is definitely a really good investment for brushes down the road when you're comfortable spending that amount of money :)


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