Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday : special Holiday double edition

Hey everyone, the Twinsies are back to bring a special edition double Holiday post. The prompt was to do two manicures, one Christmas and one Hanukkah.

Let's start with my Hanukkah manicure. I started with Salon Perfect Sugar cube on two fingers and China Glaze Blue Years Eve on the other two. Once those two polishes were dry, I added stripes to the white nails using Blue Years Eve, China Glaze Electric Beat and Salon Perfect silver glitter. On my blue nails, I used acrylic paint to make a menorah (well I tried) and Star of David. Then using the silver glitter, I went back and touched up the menorah.

For my Christmas manicure, I started with Sugar Cube on two fingers and Revlon Emerald on my other two fingers. I wanted to do something different so I attempted to do Christmas tree branches on my white nails using acrylic paint and over Emerald I used China Glaze Glitter all the way.

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