Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wet n Wild All Access Beauty polish

Hello everyone, I've been meaning to type up this post since wayyyy last month. I was so excited to get my hands on this LE collection I nearly squealed in Walgreens. I'm sure these swatches have been everywhere, but let's take another look at them. I've got a few favorites of the bunch.

Up first is Coast to Coast, two coats without top coat. This is a pretty blue somewhat reminds me of  Sally Hansen Pacific Blue except it has shimmer. It goes on nice and doesn't take long to dry.

Next, is Trippin on the Boardwalk, two coats without top coat. This is one of my favorites of the bunch. A soft purple that could be categorized as radiant orchid for the Pantone color of the year. It went on sheer and there's still a visible nail line but that doesn't bother me too much.
Beat of a Generation, two coats no topcoat, is the pink of the bunch and definitely my other favorite. It's a jelly-creme and dries super shiny.
A summer collection can't be complete without a coral. This is Love me some Muscles, two coats no top coat. It also went on a little sheer but there isn't a VNL left.
A Venice Day, two coats no top coat, is another jelly-creme that leaves a VNL. On the bright side, it doesn't take too long to dry and has a nice shiny finish.
Contact High, two coats no topcoat, is now in my list of favorite greens. It's bright like a neon, applies sheer but not streaky and dries to a semi-matte jelly finish.
I've used these polishes quite a bunch since I've purchased them and I'm sure I'll be using them even more throughout the summer. Were you able to find this collection? What are your favorites?

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