Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - 3D decor

Hello everyone, Happy Tuesday! Today's theme is 3D decor.  I'm not one for adding 3D decorations to my nails so I had to find something to stick to my nails. I remember the last time there was a Twinsie theme asking to do 3D nails and Amanda stuck a Cheerio to her nail. I was thinking about recreating that but all we had in the house was Cornflakes.Then I remembered I had a bracelet break recently; I just took the beads from that and stuck them on my nails. The polish I'm wearing is China Glaze Fly with a homemade "fairy dust".

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  1. You and Amanda with these household items! LOL

  2. How creative! Haha! I do love that pink!

  3. Haha, YES!! I love that Amanda's Cheerio continues to live on in hearts and minds, and I love this awesome tribute. Those beads actually look pretty cool from the side! ;)

  4. Hehehe! I love the underside view!!

  5. I love how creative you got here using materials you had around the house!

  6. Way to take something that broke and turn it to fun!


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