Saturday, June 7, 2014

Adios May, Hola June

In hopes of posting more often, I've been debating what to post about.  I decided to do Hello, Goodbye as seen from Cordia at Seriously Swatched. She used to do a monthly summary of colors, nail art styles and finishes. I've been wanting to do the same just never got the chance. Now is the time to start. I tend to post more often on Instagram so some that wasn't posted here was posted there. I hope by starting this monthly summary, I'll challenge myself to post more and have an assortment of colors and nail art styles.

I didn't plan ahead of time for my summary so I may have missed a few but here goes...
Color breakdown:
Red - 2
Yellow - 2
Blue - 3
Pink - 4
White - 4
Purple - 19
Multi color- 1

Nail art styles:
Glitter - 10
Gradient - 2
Stamping - 1
Freehand - 3
Accent - 8
Skittles - 1
Flowers - 1
Layering - 1 

creme - 6
shimmer - 1
glitter - 10
texture - 1
jelly - 1

Favorite Mani - Rainbow Zebra for week 4 of #busygirlsnails. I was inspired by Robin Moses

Polishes purchased - 22

Total posts:
On Instagram - 19
on blog: - 9

Highlight of the month:
Finding the Wet n Wild All Access beauty collection.

Most popular postTwinsie Tuesday - Past TT Redo

Question for readers:
What do you want to see?

My goal for the month:
Post twice a week and try at least one new nail art style.


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