Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - Bubbles

Hello everyone! It's that time again, Twinsie Tuesday. This week our prompt is bubbles. At the time of sitting down to do this week's challenge, I didn't have a clue of what to do even after my boyfriend suggested Under the Sea bubbles. Now of course, I have tons of nail art ideas - champagne bubbles, soap bubbles, a container of bubbles, the character Bubbles. Maybe I'll have to save some of those ideas for another time. For today though, I used a stamper over an "illusion" of bubbles.

 I started with a sheer blue polish from Confetti, then I added Sinful Colors Hottie to the tips. It kinda reminded me of bubbles but for good measure I stamped using Sally Hansen Celb City, it doesn't show up very well though. My accent finger is left over from my rainbow nails I did, I don't have a good excuse except I wasn't ready to take off that glitter bomb with Mickey heads.

 And that's it, for this week's Twinsie Tuesday. Be sure to check out the other ladies for some other bubble nails.

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  1. I did a gradient as well That blue is really pretty!

  2. I love how the sheer stamp really matches the theme perfectly.

  3. Nice!! Love the gradient and stamping.

  4. I love how delicate the stamping looks! Very pretty!

  5. Awesome job! I didn't even think to use a bubbles stamp.

  6. Aw I love how you did this! So pretty!

  7. What a great idea to stamp the bubbles over a gradient--they look effervescent and really bubbly! :)


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