Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Nail Polish Collection

Hello everyone. I've been looking forward to this post for awhile but it's not going to turn out how I wanted it to be. This week the Twinsies are sharing our nail polish collection.

The majority of my collection has been wrapped up in paper and plastic since December. That makes me so sad because I want to organize my collection but can't do so at the moment until we move to our new place next month. So today I won't go into details about my collection but will share two pictures of how I move my collection.

 The first picture is polish I left with my "sister-in-law" when we moved to Florida in June of last year. The picture is before and after I opened them. It honestly felt like Christmas unwrapping them all. Would it be silly for me to say I missed them? I was going to have her ship them to me once I was settled but things didn't go as planned. Which is why in the second picture (below) all my polishes are wrapped, packed in tight burritos and stuffed in bags to move back to the Midwest.

While in Florida, I wrote every polish (and swatched) in a notebook sorted by brand. When I packed them up, I sorted them by brand and wrote numbers on each bag. So if I'm looking for China Glaze For Audrey, I check my notebook which tells me what bag to look in. If I have to pack up my polish again like this I think I may have to take extra time and write each name on the individual "burrito".

Now to throw in some numbers. Altogether I think I have about 350 polishes. I shipped (through a moving company) 30 bags from Florida, 26 small ones and 4 large ones. None of my polishes arrived broken and that was my biggest fear. Well that and losing all of them. I bought 20 polishes in the car with me. Can you believe my boyfriend told me I could only choose 10? I had about 70 polishes left at my "SIL's" house. I think I have about 20 random polishes in storage. I can't wait to get them completely organized. I have an idea of how I want to organize them but I'm sure I'll get some great ideas from my Twinsies. Be sure to check out the other Twinsies' collections.

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  1. Hopefully you can get them all unpacked and organized soon.

  2. Nice stash!! Wish we could see how its organized but I hope your able to move them safely when you move to your new place.

  3. Even though they are packed away, you are very organized! Good job!

  4. I'd be so sad if my babies were packed up like that! but look how nearly you have them packed! They surely are going to survive a move!

  5. We are planning on moving sometime hopefully soon and transporting all of mine terrifies me! I couldn't imagine moving them out of state so far!

  6. Hope you get to organize and play with them soon.

  7. That's awesome that none of your polishes got broken in the move, it really looks like you did a great job packing them all up! I don't know how you're getting by with them all packed up, I would be dying not being able to use them all.

  8. I hope you're reunited with them all very soon! This looks like an amazing collection!

  9. Even though they're all packed up, I love how you still have them organized and they look so secure! :D

  10. Wow, the amount of organization that went into this! I totally would have been missing them too--and I can just imagine how awesome it felt to unwrap those babies! So what if it was things you already owned? It was also things you knew you liked! ^_^


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