Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Twinsie Tuesday - 2 year anniversary

Hello everyone! I'm sure it's shocking to see a Twinsie post on a Friday but today marks the 2 year anniversary of Twinsie Tuesday. We're celebrating by recreating another Twinsie's first post. I had the pleasure of recreating Alaina's (The Little Canvas) first post, which was favorite color combo.

Here's a look at Alaina's original manicure.
Credit: The Little Canvas

And here's how I recreated it.

But let me tell first go at this design, it did not turn out right. I didn't think I would be able to do it justice. My white dots looked like spiderwebs...not a good look for this particular design. I wiped it all away and tried it again the next day. Luckily that time, it turned out pretty nice.

I used: Sinful Colors Candy Coated and two random black and white polishes I had quick access to grab.

Happy Anniversary to all my fellow (past and current) Twinsies. Although this is an online group, I'm proud to be apart of this group. I enjoy chatting with you all and getting to know you. You all are an amazing support system and I hope a year from now, I'll be writing another post just like this one. I can't end this post without a special thank you to Amanda for starting this group. <3>

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  1. You nailed this look! I love it!

  2. Great recreation! It looks just like it :)

  3. they turned out amazing!!!!!!! I'm in loveeee with them. Candy Coated is a dead on dupe of the OPI I used (I have both lol) so literally our manicures are identical! I'm loving it!!!!

  4. nailed her look ChiChi! Great job!

  5. Chi Chi, you executed this perfectly! It looks AMAZING!

  6. Great job doll! This looks really cool.

  7. I think that your re-creation of her mani looks awesome!!

  8. You did such a great job!!! This design intimidates me!!!!

  9. Awesome job ChiChi!! It looks great!

  10. Really a wonderful recreation--these look awesome! Whatever you did for the first try, it obviously clicked because the 2nd go really is crisp and adorable. Totally love that colour too!

  11. This is an awesome re-creation!! :D


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