Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - East Coast vs West Coast

This week we teamed off and we're doing a battle. East coast Twinsies are posting their favorite glitter and West Coast Twinsies are posting their favorite shimmer. I'll be posting my favorite glitter which is a battle in itself since I love glitter! It's way too hard for me to pick just one so I did glitter skittles.

I probably could've settled on just one rainbow glitter and called it a day but that was tricky. Also I couldn't leave out some type of black glitter. Here's what is going on each finger; on my index is Claire's Candy Shop. Then on my middle finger is a base of OPI My boyfriend scales walls with Claire's night sky and Pure Ice never satisfied. My ring finger is a base of Sinful Colors My Turn and the Sally Hansen silver streamers and strobe flash. Lastly my pinky is China Glaze It's a trap-eze.

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  1. Loving your ring finer and pinky!

  2. Great picks! It's way too hard to choose just one.

  3. hehe I love that you picked more than one glitter!

  4. Candy shop is so pretty. Great for summer

  5. I love love love Candy Shop! I've been lemming for that forEVER!

  6. Haha, I'd have way too hard a time picking my favourite glitter too! I especially love the greyscale combination on your ring finger. And how have I owned Candy Shop for over a year and not worn it yet?! It's adorable!


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