Friday, August 16, 2013

Work "appropriate" nails - Hannah Pinktana

Hello all! I know there hasn't been much from me this week. The reason behind that is because I haven't been polishing my nails as much, just haven't been inspired. I also got a new job! I've been out of work since May when we moved and to be honest - I missed working only because working led to a paycheck which leads to new polish. ;) Thank heavens for my family and friends for being my polish fairies while I couldn't shop.

Anyways - tonight's post may end up becoming a new theme here on my blog. I've seen it done before but never had to worry much about it. I'm talking about work appropriate nails. Ever since I started blogging about polish, I haven't had a job where "work appropriate" polish was enforced. I wear a uniform and while I can have polish on my nails, I'm quite positive look at me colors are not allowed (at least not while I'm a newbie). So I need to sort through "work safe" polishes because I can't stand the thought of naked nails everyday.

I'm wearing 2 coats of Essie Pink Diamond, a frosty, pearly baby pink. I topped it with WnW Hannah Pinktana and my accent is Sinful Colors Showstopping. It's got some sparkle but not too flashy.


  1. Fun idea for a series! These are lovely work appropriate nails too :) Love how soft and girly it is :)

  2. This color is so dainty and pretty!


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